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Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Course September 18th & 19th 2021 
EMDR Plus 
Please note: this facility is not part of the course as offered in the terms & conditions. 
This support is offered subject to the discretion of the SCCP and as so remains non negotiable. 
The links to these videos are only available to students who complete their course fees within the due date. 
Sharing in any form is prohibited. 
All recorded information remains the property of the SCCP as protected by © copyright. 
Positive and Negative belief statement achieved during the first session.  
Setting up the Positive and Negative Belief Statements, allows your client to calibrate and understand what they believe to be true currently, whilst experiencing their calibrated progress toward their aim. 
The First Therapy Appointment 
During the first therapy appointment we are setting up the EMDR Plus process. This includes the Positive & Negative Belief Statement, the Napkin Presentation, and the introduction to a safe place adapting Progressive Relaxation 
The Second Therapy Appointment 
This is where we start to use EMDR Plus 
Installing The Positive Belief Statement 
We take the client into their safe place and with the EMDR 24 passes install the Positive Belief Statement. We need to complete this at the close of each appointment.  
Utilising Dissociation 
Dissociation is a natural phenomena, which the client's mind can utilise to avoid situations that the brain is unable to cope with. 
This can be helpful for the therapist to utilise as a softer approach. Generally the client needs to be associated before leaving the practice, as discussed this is not always possible. 
Collarbone Breathing 
Description as your manual. 
This can also be used as an induction.  
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