Hypnotherapy Surrey


Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Course  Hypnotherapy Can Help You  Please note: this facility is not part of the course as offered in the terms & conditions.  This support is offered subject to the discretion of the SCCP and as so remains non negotiable. The links to these videos are only available to students who complete their course fees within the due date. Sharing in any form is prohibited. All recorded information remains the property of the SCCP as protected by © copyright. 

Chunking Down To The Issue 
This approach allows the therapist to work with the issue or pathology rather than addressing the supportive mechanism. The supportive mechanism might be a stimulant or behaviour. 
Parts Therapy 
This is not a cognitive process. It is important to set up for success, hence the hesitating conversation and gaps for thought and client adaption. The unconscious mind changes without the clients permission or awareness, facilitating real and permanent change. There is not a conscious effort from the client as the hands move together. This change although profound, can be exhausting for the client. 
An Introduction To Inner Child Work 
The therapist and client work with the unmet needs of the clients inner child, allow psychological development 
Two Chair Work 
Ideal for conflict resolution, often employed to help us see the others point of view. Can covertly be used for internal conflict resolution. 
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