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Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Course  NLP One 

Please note: this facility is not part of the course as offered in the terms & conditions. 
This support is offered subject to the discretion of the SCCP and as so remains non negotiable. 
The links to these videos are only available to students who complete their course fees within the due date. 
Sharing in any form is prohibited. 
All recorded information remains the property of the SCCP as protected by © copyright. 
copywrite protects each member of the SCCP and participating students. 
NLP Rewind Technique 
The Process 
Allows the brain to reprocess disruptive information in a way that it has not done before. Achieving a resolution of conflict within the self.  
NLP Anchoring 
The Process 
Anchoring Positive feelings to reduce negative feelings attached to a previous issue. 
NLP Swish 
The Process: 
Rewiring the brain. To help the brain to access new sensory information when considering a previously concerned issue. 
Questions that facilitate change 
Very Much A Process 
Allowing the answers to these questions to come to us, we start to understand our inner world.  
Thank you Jessica. 
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