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Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Course   Please note: this facility is not part of the course as offered in the terms & conditions.  This support is offered subject to the discretion of the SCCP and as so remains non negotiable. The links to these videos are only available to students who complete their course fees within the due date. Sharing in any form is prohibited. All recorded information remains the property of the SCCP as protected by © copyright. 

The SCCP Transformational Process June 22nd & 23rd  
This approach is essential for sensory regulation, whether, addictions, emotional eating or any form of anxiety, including anger management. 
Progressive Relaxation 
This is the link that I send to my client once we have completed the fist appointment.  
Self Hypnosis to Progressive Relaxation. 
This is the link I send to my client after the second appointment. 
Stress Coping Strategy, SCS 
This is the link that I send to my client after the third appointment. 
SCS in vivo  
Please find the training video first. 
This second is the link that I send to my client after the fourth appointment. 
The "I am" statement  
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