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Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy in Surrey Five Steps To A Smoke Free Life 

This October, the NHS team are fully behind Stoptober, enthusiastically wanting to help you split up with smoking. 
Research suggests 6 in 10 smokers actively want to stop smoking, with many finding the first step the hardest to take. 
Any long term habit can be broken, although there will often be concerns to consider. 
For you though, taking part in Stoptober means that you are joining a community dedicated to stopping smoking and to date, this months challenge has helped 1.9 million stop smoking. 
Your First Five Steps To Better Health & Prosperity 
Stoptober is back! 
Split up with smoking this October.  
Join in today 
Stop smoking for 28 days and you're 5 times more likely to quit for good. 
1. Ask Yourself Why 
Just because smoking is detrimental to our health, this doesn't mean there wont be challenges to face. 
We often hear ourselves having negotiation conversations, such as;  
"I will cut down" 
"I will only smoke at the weekend" 
"I can stop when I want to" 
"I will just have a couple when I am having a drink" 
If cutting down cigarettes is what you want to do, that has to be a benefit, although in my experience we usually gradually return to smoking a higher amount of cigarettes a day, over a period of time. 
What is your experience? 
When you feel ready to stop avoiding and give up smoking completely, you can make a note of: 
Why You Want To Stop 
What Are Your Particular Reasons And Motivations. 
Some People Want To: 
Breathe and recover more easily during and after exertion. 
Save money for an event, holiday, car, weekend away etc. 
To feel more in control. 
To enjoy a better image. 
What are your reasons? 
Write your reasons, on small notes and stick them where you will be able to read them several times every day, your mirror, car dash board, by your computer, on the fridge door, in the corner of the television, on your patio door, you could set a reminder on your mobile phone, at the time that you used to have a cigarette. 
Think about how your future self will want to be successful. 
Yes it is your old self that wanted to smoke, your current self wants to live longer, be happier and your future self wants to be successfully happier for many years to come. 
When you are ready you can answer the following questions. 
Write down your responses somewhere easily accessible.  
What will I look and feel like when I am no longer a smoker? 
What will other people notice about me ? 
How might I better employ my extra time? 
What will I now be able to afford ? 
How will I enjoy the new found energy, now that nicotine is no longer poisoning me? 
2. Success Toolkit 
Whilst any time is the best time to stop smoking, Stoptober brings a huge amount of information and resources to support and motivate you. 
‘Stoptober support’ offers many tools to support your clean lungs lifestyle, including the Stoptober App, access to daily motivational emails, personalised quit plans and details of the Facebook community and chatbot for instant messaging for those awkward moments. 
Additionally offering guidance on nicotine replacements and scientific studies on the benefits of living without cigarettes. 
Breaking up from any relationship can be hard and emotional, so use Stoptober's free range of tools and support to help you split up with smoking  
Take Back Control 
Everything Feels Better 
With Clean Fresh Air 
In Your Lungs 
3. You Know How To Be Accountable To You  
Some prefer to change within an active group, looking to achieve shared aims.  
Others find groups distracting and prefer to achieve in their own way. 
There are thousands of people breaking up with their smoking habit right now and as many approaches to personal accountability and building skills and resources, so what will work for you, add your plan to your developing success tool kit. 
Think back to your motivation, your ‘why’ and listen to the messages from your mind over the coming days, you can continue to build on your resources and accountability. 
Where in the past have you achieved an aim, faced a challenge and pulled through, where has your determination won the day for you? 
If you would prefer, voice memo your thoughts rather than write them down, this will allow you to listen to your own reasons if things become difficult. 
If you struggle in the month, try to tap into the positively and motivation you felt at the beginning of your journey to quit - read your response to what living a smoke-free life will look and feel like at the beginning of every day? 
You know what will work for you. 
4. Make This Time Fun 
Plan interesting and fun activities for yourself across the month, activities that will stimulate you. 
Allowing you to focus on enjoyable experiences that you are grateful to have, things to look forward to, rather than dwelling on letting go of the past.  
Take up a hobby or return to something that you used to enjoy, cinema, museums, autumn hikes, book readings, writing or drawing classes - activities that help you to become focused and engaged in the now, the present, clear that garden up, take up dancing, does that bedroom need a vibrant splash of colour? 
Google and your library offer a wealth of local activities. 
Remaining engaged and creative will help your mind focus on the now, keep cravings at a manageable level. 
You Might Want  
No Desire To Smoke 
5. Consider Hypnotherapy 
Hypnotherapy can help you engage with specific therapeutic support, guiding you to change.  
Hypnotherapy is one of the preferred ways to move toward into a cigarette-free life. 
As many people have found, it can be an incredibly successful proactive approach to a healthier life.  
Hypnotherapy allows your unconscious mind to generate healthy alternative behaviours which appear to happen automatically.  
Your stop smoking hypnotherapy will facilitate change within your unconscious mind, allowing the same positive intentions that you have believed cigarettes have offered you but in a healthier organic way.  
Our minds and bodies were never intended to smoke, it is not the healthy safe behaviour that we were once led to believe.  
Hypnotherapy helps us access the REM phase, nature's optimal learning state, it is in this state that our deeper, unconscious mind is more open to new ideas and suggestions, allowing the reprogramming of habits and behaviours. 
It is the unconscious part of our minds that governs habits and behaviours.  
You can learn more about hypnotherapy and how it can help, by requesting a free initial consultation. 
Remember all progress is positive, so every step towards a smoke-free life is a step forward. 
If Stoptober isn’t the moment for you, consider another month, you are in control, you are leading this positive constructive change for yourself, when and how you want to is up to you. 
You set your time, your goals and your vision for success. 
If you feel you require any support you can contact me 
The SCCP Hypnotherapy Surrey stop smoking approach works because we can help you to utilise the power of your unconscious mind to change your thinking & feeling process, harnessing the same powerful part of your mind that is sustaining the habit and you know how powerful this part of your mind can be! 
Hypnotherapy Surrey can help you to stop smoking today! 
We have developed a unique technique which will help you to stop smoking and support the change that you have made. 
Normally people will use their will power to attempt to stop stop smoking. This can create irritability, mood swings, bad temper, cravings and possible weight gain. 
Often people who use will power return to smoking within one to eighteen months. Habits like smoking usually reduce our social skills; as we come to rely on smoking to manage stress and day to day situations. Will power is designed to be used for short periods of time, generally trying cannot be sustained over long periods of time, especially when we are tired or facing difficult events. 
I know what it is like to smoke, to give up smoking and to miss cigarettes, the techniques that Hypnotherapy Surrey have developed to help you to stop smoking have come from real life experiences; not from reading a book. 
These are evidenced based clinically proven techniques that can be adapted to you as an individual, to help you to stop smoking, allowing you and your body to recover quickly. 
Hi James. I can only say thank you for getting me off the ciggies. I don't miss them and am happy I am no longer tied into that awful addition. Feel much better for it as well. 

Contact James today to Stop Smoking 

The SCCP, Hypnotherapy Surrey, Always Offer A Free Initial Consultation 
There are so many modern brief strategic interventions that we can use that can help you to stop smoking; however, we want to make sure that we are using the most appropriate successful approach for you. 
Hypnotherapy Surrey will rely upon several therapeutic interventions whilst we are helping you to stop smoking. Having worked in this area of health for thirty years I have been instrumental in the development of research of the cause, maintenance and cessation of smoking (and addictions in general) allowing me to offer a program that is now so established that I train therapists in the successful implementation of this approach. 
hypnotherapy surrey look forward to hearing from you 
GDPR Compliant 
I will discretely respond 

How Quickly Will I Notice The Benefits Of Not Smoking 

There Was A Time  
After 20 minutes 
Pulse rate returns to normal. 
After 8 hours 
Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in blood reduce by more than half and oxygen levels return to normal. 
After 48 hours  
Carbon monoxide will be eliminated from the body. Lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris. 
After 48 hours 
There is no nicotine in the body. Ability to taste and smell is improved
When We Did Not Know 
After 72 hours 
Breathing becomes easier. Bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase. 
After 2-12 weeks 
Your circulation improves. 
After 3-9 months 
Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve as lung function increases by up to 10%. 
After 1 year 
Risk of heart disease is about half compared with a person who is still smoking
Times Have Changed? 
After 10 years 
Risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker. 
After 15 years 
Risk of heart attack falls to the same as someone who has never smoked. 
You can start to experience the changes twenty minutes after we start working together: 
Contact me today: 
Call James on 01932 341055 

More Reasons To Be A None Smoker 

Less Stress 
Did you know that smoking reduces your ability to handle life's stress triggers & so increases stress? Scientific research has proven stress levels are lower once you stop smoking. Nicotine addiction increases stress during the 'withdrawal' between cigarettes. 
The relief feeling when satisfying that craving is only temporary, so predicts the next stress phase, wanting another cigarette.  
The unique Hypnotherapy Surrey approach reduces & removes that withdrawal feeling immediately before working with the habit. Ex-smokers concentrate better with increased mental & emotional function due to improved blood & oxygen flow to the brain
Longer Life 
Who does not want to live longer and enjoy good health? Half of all long-term smokers die early from smoking-related diseases, including heart disease, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. Stopping smoking can add 10 years to your life. It is never too late to benefit from stopping with hypnotherapy in Surrey. Quitting not only adds years to your life but it also greatly improves the chance of a disease-free, mobile, healthy, happier old age. Hypnotherapy Surrey has worked with people who have lost limbs due to smoking, surgeons have warned their patients to stop & yet those people were unable to stop smoking. We are pleased to say with the help of Hypnotherapy Surrey those people have secured a healthier, happier future.  
Breathing Improves 
We breathe more easily and cough less when we give up smoking, lung capacity improves by up to 10% within nine months.  
In your 20s and 30s, the effect of smoking on your lung capacity may not be noticeable until you go for a run, but lung capacity naturally diminishes with age.  
In later years, having maximum lung capacity can mean the difference between having an active, healthy old age and wheezing when going for a walk or climbing the stairs.  
Lower Blood Pressure 
When nicotine enters the body veins and arteries contract increasing blood pressure. Blood flow then rifles at a greater velocity affecting the smooth inner lining of the veins and arteries, as they become rough the fatty tissue carried in the blood now adheres to the walls of veins and arteries: furring them just like the inside of your kettle. This phenomena gradually reduces blood flow, increasing blood pressure as the heart works harder to pump blood carrying oxygen to every part of your body.  
By stopping smoking today with hypnotherapy surrey your body can start to heal and recover. 
Do something for you today: 
Call James on 01932 341055 
Stronger - Whiter Teeth 
Fresher breath, no yellow tobacco stained teeth. 
Smoking promotes gum disease, smokers are at far greater risk of losing teeth through gum disease than none smokers. 
Fresher - Younger - Healthier - Looking  
Smoking has been found to age facial skin. 
Stopping today will slow facial aging and delay the appearance of wrinkles.  
The skin of a non-smoker gets more nutrients, including oxygen, and can reverse the sallow, lined complexion that smokers often have. 
Improve Sexual Experience & Fertility 
Non-smokers conceive easier. 
Quitting smoking improves the lining of the womb and can make men's sperm more potent.  
Becoming a non-smoker increases the possibility of conceiving through IVF and reduces the likelihood of having a miscarriage. Most importantly, it improves the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. 
Better Sex? Stopping smoking improves the body's blood flow, so improves sensitivity. Men who smoke often suffer with erectile dysfunction later in life due to the narrowing of the arteries feeding genitalia which is an affect of smoking.  
I Like Smoking - It Is Something For Me 
Not sure whether you want to enjoy these benefits or enjoy cigarettes? 
Try holding your nose and close your mouth for two minutes? SERIOUSLY! 
Now wait? 
Now your body is screaming at you, breath - BREATH - I WANT TO LIVE - BREATH - I DO NOT WANT ANY THING ELSE BUT TO BREATH AND LIVE - PLEASE BREATH - this is my priority! 
Is smoking so important now? 
Call me today I can help:  
Tel: 01932 341055 

Wondering How I Will Get Through My Day Without Smoking! How Will I Cope At Work?  How Will I Cope With The Children? Will I Enjoy My Life Without Cigarettes? 

During the initial consultation we will discuss your concerns, so that during your therapy we are able to address these concerns as we work toward how you want to feel & be from now on, as a none smoker. 
Many people can enjoy the day with out smoking, be healthily and so can you. It might have been a long time since you have, however, you can - and we can help! 
Contact us for a free initial consultation today. 
Your stop smoking session will be for 90 minutes at least. 
Fee - £110 
Tel: 01932 341055 

What Some Of Our Clients Have Said 

"To stop smoking after 25yrs was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! I had tried so many times before with out success. Someone suggested ‘hypnotherapy’ and I was quite aging and VERY nervous ! I did a search the Internet and eventually found James. 
I went back to his site many times – I wanted to make sure. In the end, after lots of thinking, I took the plunge, I felt that James was the best to speak to so made the call !!I was so pleased I did, 
James took so much time finding the right approach for me. I would highly recommend that anyone who has something in their life they wish to take control of speak to James – I am sure he will do everything he can to help.I have told lots of people about James & hypnotherapy & the way he works, he is the one to help you.I am now officially a NON SMOKER" 
EF Woking, Surrey 
I went to James to quit smoking. I had been a smoker for over 30 years. I had tried all the usual methods to try and quit, nicorette patches, books, gum, electronic cigarettes, but i just couldn't kick the habit.  
My daughter purchased me a session with James for a gift after seeing how detrimental my smoking had become to my health. I was having problems breathing and constantly coughing. I decided to give it a try, after all i had nothing to lose. After my first session i walked away and decided right then i was not going to smoke again. I hadn't even realized the effect the session had on me, not only did i feel like i didn't want to smoke, i felt happy and excited about the future. 
I have had 3 sessions now and have not touched a cigarette after that first session with James. I'm feeling confident that I will never be a smoker again.  
My breathing is better and I feel happier and healthier. I cant thank James enough, he has changed my life for the better. I honestly had lost all hope of ever giving up and if i had known how successful hypnotherapy would be, i would of done it years ago. I highly recommend this to anyone i just wish i had done it sooner. 
I've been thinking about you a lot recently and just wanted to thank you for all your help and support, you've helped me through one of the toughest times in my life and I am so thankful. Hope your keeping well. 
Thank you so so much. 
K R reviewed Hypnotherapy Surrey – 5 star 
I've been thinking about my therapy a lot recently and just wanted to thank you for all your help and support, you've helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. You helped me to give up smoking whilst going through a divorcee when I thought I had lost my family and home and I am so thankful. Hope your keeping well. 
Thank you so so very much. 
BW Purford 
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