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Hypnotherapy The Transformation Process Your Third Appointment 

A Brief Synopsis 
Please read on to gain more from our meetings 
We have now started to work with your mind. 
Managing your mind rather than allowing your mind to manage you will offer you better mind body management. 
Please internalise this sequence by imagining yourself through the process, if you do this your practising will still only take thirty minutes. 
This needs to become you, do not rely on a recording, the recording will not be there for you when you need it. 
The recording can only be there for you within a practise session. 
Think athlete, the athlete trains to use the skill, the training is for the event, the training is not the event. 
Your event, is your life! 
Knowing how to help yourself will not help you, it will be the application of this knowledge that will help you to be in control? 
You have recently completed your third phase of the Transformation Process; we are assuming at this point that you have successfully practised phase one & two, achieving a consistent sense of relaxation in your body. 
The aim is to be relaxed, your personal experience of being relaxed will be different from other peoples. If you are experiencing relaxation when using this method, you are being successful. 
Stress Coping Strategy 
Please download. 
The required depth and your expectations of experience are your personal perceptions and beliefs; they may not coincide with your experience, this is not unusual. 
There are many ways to relax, you will find hundreds on YouTube, I have designed this specific approach to help you to turn down stress hormones and be in control, rather than your mind and body controlling you. 
Trying will increase frustration and stress, we are all happier, more satisfied, when thinking rationally, please accept that what you are achieving is as good as it gets for now, this may change with practise and acceptance. 
If you are still trying to achieve an expectation please stop; trying is not relaxing. 
Further to this, getting things right, is nothing to do with being happy, yes, sometimes our parents got it wrong, bless them, they had parents too. 
For those of you that still have active minds, disturbing or irrational thoughts, this 3rd appointment will start to address this issue. 
Rome was not built in a day!  
And Yes, I know, you where not on that job, otherwise Rome would have been built in a day. 
That does not mean that you will not have thoughts whilst you are practising but it does mean that once you become accustomed to using the SCS you can also use just the SCS to manage any intrusive thoughts; so the SCS can be used as a “thought stopping procedure,” this is very important with irrational thoughts, we need to stop the irrational thought, before we can install a “rational feel good statement.” 
Some clients have complained that as an intrusive thought stopping procedure it does not work? 
Allow me to explain or attempt to adjust your expectations. 
If you have an irrational thought that concerns you, using the SCS as described will move your mind away from the thought and on to something else but not for the rest of the day. 
Each time you have a thought that is irrational use the SCS and you will manage your thoughts. 
To clarify if you have ten irrational thoughts you will need to use the SCS ten times. 
This approach will train your mind not to have those thoughts in the first place, eventually. 
Possibly you have gained a habit of thinking a certain way, the SCS will help you to develop a new healthier way of thinking; developing a new habitual way of feeling. 
If you are suffering a thought that is upsetting you, “my neighbour’s dog barking annoys me,” “next doors television keeps me awake,” “the traffic is getting me down,” we can address this on your next therapy session please mention this during that session. 
Why are these thoughts irrational? 
Anyone would find these things annoying! 
Because it is not the environment that is annoying you but what these triggers or thoughts mean to you, you are allowing these thoughts and feelings to affect the quality of your life. 
By changing your concerns or perceptions, you will not endure the same response. We can all understand why these things might upset us; however, some people live within this environment unaffected? 
Paradoxically, sometimes we continue to hold on to beliefs that maintain the issue that we are attempting to resolve, such as: 
“It is correct to want things to be right or perfect” 
“It should not be noisy” 
I must have silence to sleep” 
“It is wrong to have these thoughts” 
“I must pass this exam” 
Well that is your choice, if you want to continue feeling this way, you have certainly found a way to maintain those feelings and behaviour by the thoughts that you experience. 
Consider though? 
Why not let those errant beliefs go and become happier? 
Being happy is being successful. 
As we live in a busy successful world, we have agreed that we are short on time and so from today, in the way of constructive time management, we will only think about what we want. 
As we have no intention of achieving what we do not want, we have decided to discontinue with such unrequired thinking and behaviour, allowing more time to experience successful thinking and thus be successful. 
During your third appointment, we started to look at how your breathing affects the way that your mind works and the release of stress hormones, correspondingly by diaphragm breathing and or loop breathing this can be reversed and you noticed how relaxed you became. 
You are now practising these skills as follows: 
1) Stress Coping Strategy, SCS & thought stopping process 
2) Transformation Two, you are drifting back home enjoying your own company in your favourite chair, yes even if you are already there. If you do not have a safe home or favourite place, please make one up, be creative, you can go anywhere in your imagination. When you are ready, move out onto the balcony to enjoy your favourite place of relaxation, this view can relax you and eventually, very slowly, drift over to the staircase, you can take one step down at a time, down into this safe place of relaxation. Please give your self-suggestions calmly on each second out breath, as this will slow you down even more. 
3) Once in your favourite place of relaxation, you can now practice Transformation One. 
4) So your sequence is now: SCS, Transformation Two, as learned during your second session and then Transformation One, from your first session. 
5) Some clients ask me to take them through the three sessions in sequence to establish this procedure in them, if you feel this would be a benefit please say. 
6) Please remember this is your life, one shot, do what you can to make it happy and memorable. Work hard; play hard and laugh loud, if you’re not there yet, let us both work harder to make this happen, soon. 
7) You might be reading these appointment supports for a number of reasons, If you are suffering from depression and this all feels like to much work, the alternative is medication; however, please remember we learn nothing from medicating ourselves, apart from our moods and feelings become dependent on the medication and very often the side effects that accompany the short term relief. This approach offers you a life long way to be happier, to be in control and take charge of your life. 
8) At the moment just practise, you need that conditioned response of relaxation to be a part of you before you use these techniques in the real world. One successful step at a time. Please do not use the SCS outside your thirty minutes a day practising at this point. 
If you have any concerns, please email me as soon as possible rather than wait until your next appointment to discuss. 
Now that you are doing something about these issues you will gain more control over how your mind & your body responds. 
I look forward to working with you on our next appointment 
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