Imagination Can Motivate Us To Lose Weight   These Weight Loss Techniques Work Considerably Faster With Hypnotherapy Surrey 

Latest research has found that people lost weight without any dietary or physical activity advice whatsoever — only psychological therapy, hypnotherapy. 
Research reveals, the correct type of mental imagery can help motivate people to lose weight. 
People using ‘Functional Imagery Training, hypnotherapy, lost eight times as much weight as those using a different talking therapies. 
Imagery training, hypnotherapy, helped people to lose 4.3 cm more around their waist and continue to lose weight afterwards. 
Unusually, people lost the weight without any dietary or physical activity advice whatsoever — only psychological therapy, hypnotherapy. 
The study involved 141 people who were either given the imagery training as we use in hypnotherapy or a technique called Motivational Interviewing. 
The results showed that, after six months, those using the imagery techniques, hypnotherapy, lost an average of 4 kg, while those given Motivational Interviewing only lost 0.7 kg. 
Dr Linda Solbrig, who led the study, said: 
“Most people agree that in order to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more, but in many cases, people simply are not’t motivated enough to heed this advice, however much they might agree with it, this does not address the emotional dynamic regarding eating. 
So FIT, hypnotherapy, comes in with the key aim of encouraging someone to come up with their own imagery of what change might look and feel like to them, how it might be achieved and kept up, even when challenges arise. 
Dr Solbrig explained the mental imagery techniques they used: 
“We started with taking people through an exercise about a lemon. 
We asked them to imagine seeing it, touching it, juicing it, drinking the juice and juice accidentally squirting in their eye, to emphasise how emotional and tight to our physical sensations imagery is, hypnotherapists have been using this approach for many years. 
From there we are able to encourage them to fully imagine and embrace their own goals. 
Not just ‘imagine how good it would be to lose weight’ but, for example, ‘what would losing weight enable you to do that you can’t do now? What would that look / sound / smell like?’, and encourage them to use all of their senses. This approach was originally developed through coaching skills and widely used within hypnotherapy. 
After a year, the imagery group had lost 6 kg, while the Motivational Interviewing group had only lost 0.7 kg. 
Dr Solbrig said: 
“As well as being delighted by the success of the study in the short term, there are few studies that document weight loss past the end of treatment, so to see that people continued to lose weight despite not having any support shows the sustainability and effectiveness of this intervention.” 
The study was published in the International Journal of Obesity (Solbrig et al., 2018) and adapted by the SCCP 
We all know that hypnosis offers us the key to our unconscious mind. 
We can all learn easier, quicker and at a profound level with hypnotherapy. 
Imagine how much more effective your hypnotherapy would be if we also took into account the emotions that we experience, that might predict us to eat or even eat the wrong kind of food. 
Amazingly James has been using this approach within the clinical practice for many years and teaches this approach, and many others on the Advance Hypnotherapy Diploma at the University of Surrey. 
We Do Not Learn For School But For Life 
Hypnotherapy Surrey has a powerful dynamic weight loss and motivational tool helping you to transform your eating habits and your emotional relationship with food. 
Hypnotherapy Surrey focus on the long term objectives to maintaining a healthy body shape and weight. 
The Hypnotherapy Surrey weight loss plan allows you to enjoy eating healthily and at the same time lose weight in a safe and natural way. 
During your weight loss therapy you will start to feel more relaxed about food and more confident, helping you to be in control again.  
The confidence that hypnotherapy will give you is imperative to self empower you to lose weight; especially when we are bored, stressed, happy, peckish and have the nibbles.  
Hypnotherapy helps with courage & motivation, encouraging feelings of satisfaction, success, contentment and happiness. 
By now you will have found out that diets don't work in the long term, if they did the diet industry would be out of business.  
Hypnotherapy Surrey - Easy Weight Loss - can help you because we understand: 
" A change in diet changes motivation & energy levels often accompanied by an emotional change" 
Combine the change in feelings with the thinking that "we all want to be slim but eat what we want" & we can understand why it can be difficult to maintain a certain weight and shape. 
When we are tired or feeling down we move from being motivated, to caring more about feeling better than being slimmer!  
Hypnotherapy Surrey can help you lose weight whilst maintaining your good mood, motivation & energy levels; offering a long term solution to the weight and shape that you would like to gain and maintain. 

Contact James Today To Lose Weight 

The SCCP, Hypnotherapy Surrey, Always Offer A Free Initial Consultation 
There are so many modern brief strategic interventions that we can use that can help you to lose weight; however, we want to make sure that we are using the most appropriate successful approach for you. 
Hypnotherapy Surrey will rely upon several therapeutic interventions whilst we are helping you to lose weight. Having worked in this area of health for forty years I have been instrumental in the research of the cause and maintenance of being over weight, allowing me to offer a program that is now so established that I train therapists in the successful implementation of this approach. 
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Hypnotherapy Surrey Easy Weight Loss 

Our hypnotherapy easy weight loss support can genuinely help you overcome many of the discomforts associated with diets and exercise. 
It can help stop the constant thinking about food, the cravings and snacking as well as increasing the desire for exercise if you wish, losing weight can become enjoyable and fun. 
Hypnotherapy Surrey can also enhance your motivation to continue existing diets; supporting you to remain motivated and focused. 
This would help you if you were on a calorie controlled or low fat or protein diet but struggling to maintain your progress.  
Just a few sessions of easy weight loss hypnotherapy could put you back in the driving seat so that you might easily continue with your diet successfully.  
No need to continue craving comfort foods. James will help you to change your relationship with food, the way that you think and feel about food, no longer driven by cravings you will be back in control.  
James will need to meet with you for an initial consultation, to be able to work with you and not the food that you eat, the approach taken will be very personal to you.  
Without change, their can be no change; and so your behavioural change is vital to making weight loss a success in the long term, this is where the Hypnotherapy Surrey puts the eassssy back into hypnotherapy easy weight loss.  
Working together our first approach is to help you to change the way you feel and think about food, this stops the cravings; that feeling of emptiness and wanting something, there will be no need for the support of food.  
If you want to lose weight contact James today: 
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Easy Weight Loss Using Hypnotherapy Surrey 

Emotional Eating 
We can eat when we are lonely, bored, upset, happy, angry and many other emotional reasons, none of which have anything to do with being hungry.  
We change our feelings by comfort eating which quickly becomes a habit. 
If we eat for emotional hunger, we will never feel emotionally satisfied, food changes the way we feel, we can feel full, uncomfortable and numb because we are pushing down the feelings with food. 
Hypnotherapy Easy Weight Loss 
There will be no need to eat to control your emotions; hypnotherapy surrey easy weight loss will help you to change your relationship with food, help you to manage your emotions in a healthy way. 
Working together we can change the relationship that your unconscious mind has with food. There are several ways this can be achieved. We can discuss this during your initial consultation. 
Hypnotherapy Surrey Support 
Thousands of people have tried dieting before. If lucky these diets generally work in the short term and rarely as a permanent solution.  
With forty years experience I use an eclectic clinically proven approach within hypnotherapy for weight loss, which incorporates healthy eating, portion control with regular exercise. This is the sure way to lose weight, to look good whilst remaining slim and healthy 
Please let me know if you have an issue with alcohol, I can help! 
Alcohol will distort your eating habits we can discuss this in confidence, whether you wish to reduce your alcohol consumption or stop drinking hypnotherapy is an ideal vehicle to help you to change your habits. 

Some Advantages To Losing Weight 

Lower Blood Pressure 
Being over weight increases blood pressure. The bigger that we become the more weight we carry and our bodies increase the network of veins and arteries to the extra weight to keep it alive. This gives the heart more work to do; increasing blood pressure. 
Losing weight reverses this process with the resultant reduction in blood pressure. 
If you are having trouble sleeping this can trigger your body to want to eat in the search for energy. 
If you are having trouble sleeping please let me know, we can address this first. Improved sleep patterns generally help in weight loss. 
Conversely when we lose weight we generally enjoy a better sleep pattern. 
Enjoying restorative sleep. 
Improved Confidence.  
We all feel better when we can wear the clothes that we want to and feel good in those clothes. 
When you have achieved your healthy weight and maintain your figure easily of course you will feel good about yourself. 
This is how hypnotherapy can help you. 
Never To Old To Look Younger 
Your Hypnotherapy Weight Loss program would be typically held over five sessions, depending on the issues you and I need to address. You are assured of complete confidentiality at all times. 
Do something for you today: 
Call James on 01932 341055 

We All Want To Look the Best We Can 

During the initial consultation we will discuss your concerns, so that during your therapy we are able to address these concerns as we work toward how you want to feel & be from now on.  
Many people can enjoy the day and eat healthily and so can you. It might have been a long time since you have, however, you can - and we can help! 
Contact us for a free initial consultation today. 
Your Eassssy Weight Loss session will be for 60 minutes at least. 
Fee - £80 
Tel: 01932 341055 
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