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When paying monthly all training fees & deposits are required three clear weeks, 21 days, prior to course or weekend commencement. 
For students committed to taking the course we aim to make the cost affordable. To that end we have a number of payment options which we think offer unrivaled flexibility and value. Fees can be made via bank transfer, PayPal, credit card. Cheques can only be accepted one month prior to course commencement. 
The course fees include all training materials and certifications; there are no hidden extras.  
There are always expenses and time involvement to be met when arranging a training course, course module preparation, room fees printing and so much more, including registration fees. This is based on courses booked, this involvement has to be worked on and paid for in advance. Course fees will only be reimbursed if the training is cancelled; apart from this, course fees are none refundable or transferable, we are unable to reimburse course fees; without exception. 
If you are unable to attend a weekend or address a module we will do everything we can to ensure you complete any missed time on the following course, attended classes can only be attended subject to available places however, we have always been able to accommodate students in this way so far. 
Regardless of course attendance, you are required to pay for the training course in full. 
Students are required to complete a minimum of 100% of the course to graduate, subject to completion of missed time on the following course. 
Completion of missed time is required, due to governing body requiring set face to face training hours to accredit the course and your qualifications. 

Certificated Weekends 

Students are required to attend the complete weekend from starting time to finish time to receive a certificate. 


Governing bodies require registered therapists to be in supervision which is also part of our therapeutic training. 
Supervision sessions are required for the HPD & Diploma in Psychotherapy, typically although not exclusively addressed toward the end of the course in support of your HPD, fees are detailed in the Course Fees section. 
Applying For The Course 
You are welcome to attend an informal meeting to discuss the course and what is available to you. 
Upon receipt of your booking form & deposit or full payment, you will receive a receipt and formal confirmation of registration.  
References  The SCCP do not require references for you to attend this course.  The SCCP do not supply delegate references for you or to you or for third party requirements, this includes personal references.  References can be 15 to 20 pages long, we are unable to charge for this service, if we were to charge, the reference would be considered compromised.   EMPLOYERS & FURTHER EDUCATION   Your course syllabus and qualifications will offer your future employer or further educator the academic information they require. 
Delegate Behaviour 
The SCCP reserves the right to remove a participant from the course due to incompatibility without financial compensation.  
Providing training fees are up todate, students are also entitled leave training at anytime and cease training with the SCCP, if they feel the SCCP , lecturers, and or training is not compatable with their beliefs, with out compensation. 
Aggressive behaviour shown toward tutors or students is not acceptable, whether verbal, physical or in the written form, including texts, emails or social media. 
Failure to comply with the standards and practices that would be expected from a person holding a professional position will result in exclusion from the course without compensation. 
Please note fees are non refundable without exception. 
The SCCP is reliant on student's course fees to continue training, it is not in the interests of the SCCP to exclude students from training however, the SCCP has a duty of care to all students, staff and the posability of graduates working with vunerable people in the future. Aggression of any form cannot be tolerated. Any form of aggression demonstrates good reason for termination of training and any therapeutic relationship.  
Course content, training dates & venues 
The SCCP, awarding bodies, and governing bodies reserve the right to change course content, training dates, lecturing staff and training venues, without prior consultation. 
All presented course material remain the property of the SCCP. Course material is supplied for education only. 
All certificates and diplomas are presented electronically, allowing you to print and retain the original copy. 
Audio, Video Recordings & Still Pictures taken during training remain the property of the SCCP, whether taken by the SCCP or students. 
Students are only permitted to audio record, these recordings will remain the property of the SCCP. 
By attending SCCP lectures all delegates, students, tutors & lectures agree to the above terms and conditions. 
The SCCP reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course if there are circumstances beyond our control. Fees paid will be repaid. 
The SCCP reserves the right to remove a participant from the course due to incompatibility. 
The SCCP reserves the right to remove a student who does not comply with the course requirements, without financial compensation. 
The SCCP reserves the right to change the staff. 
The SCCP reserve the right to change training venues 
The SCCP reserves the right to change the training dates. 
The SCCP reserve the right to update the course content, to remain in line with governing body requirements & therapeutic advancement. 
The SCCP reserves the right to update the course requirements and terms and condition with one months notice. 
The SCCP reserves the right to retain all photographs, videos and lecture notes taken or used over the training weekends as SCCP property, to be used at the discretion of the SCCP without prior notice.  
The SCCP can offer you an informal meeting to ensure you understand what is required from the course. 
Course fees must be paid in full & on time, three clear weeks prior to course commencement. 
Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours attended training to graduate from the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma course. 
Completion of missed time is required, due to governing body requiring set face to face training hours to accredit the course and your qualifications. 
If student study time, day or weekend is missed, the SCCP will do everything possible to offer a place for the lost time on the next course, this will be subject to space. 
To date, we have been able to offer a place on the next course for missed time. 
Course Requirements
The qualification ADCH, is only available to delegates who have met the course requirements. 
The Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma has no exam, in place of this, delegates are monitored whilst practising the interventions taught, are expected to practise the therapeutic interventions taught during the weekend, are required to complete the NCH Learning Outcomes gaining the HPD.  
Students will be monitored and supported to be able to practise the therapeutic interventions discussed.  
Failing to practise the interventions taught to an acceptable standard, within reason, could result in the student failing to graduate. 
Where the delegate requires further support, an appointment can be made during the week, at a cost to the student, please see therapy fees, to demonstrate an understanding of a therapeutic intervention taught and not practised to an acceptable standard at the weekend. 
Each theory and therapeutic intervention is to be practised within the group, at the relevant weekend to be able to graduate. 
We aim to ensure that delegates are confident in practice on graduation; to achieve this, all delegates are required to practise the therapeutic interventions during the training weekends. 
The qualification ADCH is only available to delegates who have met the course requirements, this includes practising the therapeutic interventions at the relevant weekend and paying the course fees in full. 
All qualifications and Certificates are sent electronically. 
Please consider self care whilst training: 
please always consider Self Care, your emotional health is more important than the qualification and the course. 
Self-care is required when practising, with the understanding that we are often unaware of what might surface.  
If inadvertently you are affected by our work together, please let the lecturer know, time permitting we might address an issue with the intervention being demonstrated. 
Appointments for therapy are available. 
If you have a known issue which is currently difficult for you to handle, please save this issue for therapy. 
Unfortunately, training is not a therapeutic environment, although we would be as caring as possible with each other. 
Please remember you are practising a therapeutic technique, not addressing a deep and meaningful event in your own life, if you are asked to use an issue to bring the intervention to life, use an innocuous issue, "being stuck in traffic on the way to the weekend" might be such an issue to address. However, if you have had a traffic accident that has traumatised you, please chose another subject.  
The reason for these conditions are? 
Unfortunately in the past delegates have attended, and expected to gain a qualification with out addressing these basic course requirements? 
Having a qualification might help you gain an appointment with your client, becoming a therapist, will help that client make further appointments, whilst developing your practice. 
By attending SCCP courses, students agree to these reasonable terms & conditions. 
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