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ONLINE LIVE HYPNOTHERAPY DIPLOMA TRAINING COURSE  Held At the University Of Surrey  The Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy is not part of The University of Surrey. The SCCP is fortunate enough to be able to hire training facilities at the University of Surrey to run therapy courses. 

For years we have received enquiries from prospective students, therapists and counsellors from different parts of the world who wish to gain the skills of the combined eclectic approaches taught at the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (SCCP) who were unable to travel to Surrey. 
I wanted to study with the SCCP but I live in Dubai. No traveling or hotels,  
I can study in the comfort of my own home but feel I am in the class practising with the other students. This was the course that I was looking for. 
Now you don't have to, we can bring our unique approach to you. 
Wherever you are in the world, you can join the SCCP community of therapists who are keen to use the latest techniques to help their clients and build their practices. 
The SCCP began this new direction in training to meet the demand for prospective students unable to attend our Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Course because of the restraints of time or travel. We have now extended this approach to workshops & Master Classes for your convenience. 
The Online Advanced Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy training course offers me the same professional quality training as 
the attended training with governing body accreditation, and I can work with the attending students in the room on line. 


Congratulations You Have Chosen  
The Advanced Diploma Course In Clinical Hypnotherapy  
On Completion You Will Have Eight Qualifications. 
Seven from the SCCP and the HPD from the NCFE. 
1) Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (ADCH) 
2) NLP Practitioners Certificate (NLP Cert) 
3) EMDR Plus Practitioners Certificate (EMDR Plus Cert) 
4) EFT Level 1 & EFT Level 2 Practitioner Certificate (EFT Practitioner) 
5) Solution Focused Certificate Therapist (SFT Cert) 
6) Positive Psychology Certificate 
7) Transformational Therapist  
8) The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, HPD. 
HPD, The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, by satisfactorily completing the learning outcomes throughout the course, or on completion of the course, your choice, and completing 120 hours attended training, you can now gain your HPD.  
The ADCH course includes your HPD training. 
The SCCP also offer further support with marketing and practice building, website building & SEO when you join the BEST. 
You can join the BEST at anytime, to learn more, please follow this LINK. 
The SCCP offer peace of mind. 
We Offer Ongoing Support 
To Help You 
Build Your Practice 
You Can Graduate With Eight Qualifications 
This Is The Most Comprehensive Live 
Hypnotherapy Training Course  
Available Today 
May 18th & 19th 2024 
EMDR Plus Second Weekend. 
1) EMDR Plus To Learn More 
2) EFT Level Two. To Learn more 
Recap The Basic Recipe & Short-cut Recipes 
NLP & CBT Additions 
Additional Tapping Points 
More Creative Ways to Use EFT 
The Trauma Techniques: Telling the Story; Movie Technique; Tearless Trauma 
Gentleness through Dissociation 
Physical Issues & Chasing the Pain 
Constricted Breathing Technique 
Finding Core Issues, Specific Events & Aspects 
Asking Key Questions 
Advanced Psychological Reversal 
Limiting Beliefs & The Palace of Possibilities 
Group work & Borrowing Benefits 
An Introduction to Surrogate Tapping 
An Introduction to Working with Children & Animals 
EFT by Telephone & Zoom 
Reminder of Safety for Self & Client 
Legal & Ethical Implications 
How to Achieve your Practitioner Certificate 
Introduction To Hypnotherapy Weekend 
June 22nd & 23rd 2024 
The SCCP Lightening Transformation Process 
Reduce Anxiety Improve Confidence & Self Esteem 
1) Indirect hypnotic induction techniques & covert ways to induce trance. 
2) How to Influence your client with advanced communication skills. 
3) Trance inductions, how we move clients into trance, enhancing the natural learning states to confidence & self esteem. 
4) How to identify & enhance everyday natural trance states to change and improvement, helping your client to feel good about them selves. 
5) Transformational Process Development  - Developed by James Golding with forty years clinical experience. Do you feel that your mind and or body are controlling you? This simple approach will allow you to manage yourself and put you back in control. 
6) As brain extensions, our eyes reveal our emotional state being accessed. We can hear what others say and now we can see how they feel and the context being processed. With this amazing understanding we can help the client to feel good about themselves. 
7) Psychological profiles that predict stress responses & addictive natures, how we can change these to a healthier way of being with ourselves and those around us. 
8) Hidden hypnotic language patterns that heal. 
9) Utilising every day trance states to transform, heal & improve. 
10) Influencing future behaviour via covert suggestions, helping clients to feel good about themselves. 
11) How to apply these techniques after the weekend including pain management & anesthesia. 
These are evidence based techniques, used in the clinical practice daily. 
July 27th & 28th 2024  
Rapid Solution Therapy, RST 
Weekends Syllabus 
1) The Structure of the therapeutic appointment. 
2) Time Line Therapy 
3) Moving through the problem, to the solution 
4) Milton Erickson's approach to learning from the future. 
5) The vicarious approach to learning from others skills and 
6) Creating a different reality for the client to respond to, TLT 
7) Understanding & utilising hypnotic language to weave indirect 
suggestions into every day conversation. 
8) The thirteen hypnoidal phenomena that can be utilised to 
facilitate change in your client 
9) The psychological maturing states that predict the way that  
we interpret our world. 
September 14th & 15th 2024  
Lightening Transformation Therapy -And Neuro Linguistic Programming 
Weekends Syllabus 
1) Utilising suggestibility tests to improve understanding of the  
power of the unconscious mind.  
2) Adjusting the perceptions of previous experiences, to facilitate  
rapid lasting change. 
3) Permissive or authoritarian Inductions and Suggestions. 
4) The Milton Erickson model and NLP. 
5) Introducing Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP 
Outcome Planning 
Elements of NLP 
Precise Communication 
The Meta Model 
The NLP Communication Model 
VATK Aids To Learning 
Calibrating The Client 
Representational Systems. 
6) Anchoring 
7) Swish 
8) The Rewind technique 
October 05th & 06th 2024 
NLP Meets Positive Psychology 
Reasons To Be Grateful  
Weekends Syllabus 
1) NLP Predicates 
2) NLP Transformational Grammar 
3) NLP The Meta Model 
4) NLP Chunking Up And Down 
5) NLP Complex Equivalence 
6) NLP Presuppositions 
7) NLP Universal Quantifiers 
8) NLP Submodalities 
9) Patio Stones 
10) Stepping Into Gratitude 
11) The Power Of Gratitude 
12) Developing Behavioural Flexibility 
13) Fast Phobia Cure 
14) Rewind Technique Dissociated State 
15) Rewinding The Fast Phobia Cure 
16) Positive Anxiety Replacement 
17) Questions That Facilitate Change 
18) Reframing in Trance 
November 09th & 10th 2024 
Hypnotherapy Motivates Change Gestalt & Parts Therapy 
Weekends Syllabus 
1) Inner Child Therapy - How To Heal The Inner Child. 
2) Understanding the clients level of motivation, by listening 
the motivational level of conversation. 
3) The quickest way to understand your client & raise their level 
of motivation. 
4) Utilising the clients gained skills and resources to develop a 
constructive future view and behavioural response. 
5) Calibrating your client, to understand the unconscious 
5) The Gestalt model. 
6) Taking a case history, developing a client program and agenda. 
7) Identifying patterns of behaviour that have developed the 
8) Ericksonian Inductions and language patterns. 
9) Build self esteem & confidence. 
10) Polarity Approach to Apposition of opposites 
11) The clients personality profile. 
12) Polarity dissociation 
13) Dissociation 
14) Parts Integration 
15) Parts Therapy, "The part of me that" 
December 07th & 08th 2024 
Working With The Habitual Mind 
Weekend Syllabus 
1) Smoking Cessation. 
2 ) Weight Loss 
3) Alcohol Dependency 
4) Emotional eating 
5) Substance Abuse  
6) Behavioural Habits 
7) The use and requirement for Metaphors. 
8) Utilising Milton Erickson's paradoxical interventions. 
9) Ideo motor techniques for communication with the 
unconscious mind. 
10) Utilising Sub Modalities for pain control 
To read more about working with habits please go to 
January 24th & 25th 2024 
Solution Focused Positive Psychology Therapy  
In Search of Happiness 
Weekend Syllabus 
1) Positive Psychology 
2) Solution Focused Therapy 
3) Mindfulness  
4) If we become what we think?  
5) Why not teach ourselves and the client to focus on and work 
toward the solution 
6) The New Approach To Life Coaching  
February 22nd & 23rd 2025 
Understanding And Working With The Symptoms Of Depression. 
How Can Hypnotherapy Help the client? 
What are the causes of depression 
Who might be more vulnerable & how can we help. 
Why are the symptoms maintained and how can we help the client. 
Interventions that can help improve energy levels. 
Interventions that can reduce anxiety & over stimulation. 
Adjusting the polarised views which can lead to a sense of failure & worthlessness  
Helping clients regain hope for the future. 
The Golden Approach to change. 
Improving Self esteem and sense of self worth. 
Building back in self belief.  
Understanding the advantages and the limitations to therapy.  
March 22nd & 23rd 2025 
EMDR Plus 
2) EFT Level One. To Learn more 
The Basic Recipe & Short-cut Recipes 
Additional Tapping Points 
More Creative Ways to Use EFT 
Working with an Unpleasant Memory 
Gentleness through Dissociation 
Physical Issues & Chasing the Pain 
Psychological Reversal 
Testing your Results 
EFT by Telephone & Zoom 
Reminder of Safety for Self & Client 
How to Achieve your Practitioner Certificate 

Course Fees  Can Be Paid In Full or Monthly This Course Offers Tremendous Value For Money You will Not Find Another Course With These Credentials, Qualifications And Quality Assurance With This Value For Money 

Fees Payed In Full 
Total Course Fees 
Monthly Payment 
Total Course Fees 
Please scroll down for details 
Introduction To Hypnotherapy Weekend 
We Only Want To Work With People That Are Happy With Our Course. 
With this in mind you are encouraged to attend the first weekend of the course for £235, without obligation to complete the course. 
You can then decide whether this is the course for you and chose the form of payment that suits you 
1. Fees are required three weeks prior to the course weekend. 
2, Introduction Weekend £235 
3. Balance £1965. 
4. Making a total of £2,200 
5. Course fees are not refundable or transferable. 
6. Please read terms & conditions, they are very short. By attending this course you are agreeing to the SCCP terms & conditions without exception. 
7. We have kept it simple. 
This Is The Best Value For Money Course In The UK 
National Council of Hypnotherapy 
The NCH is the UK’s leading not-for-profit hypnotherapy professional association, representing over 1800 professional hypnotherapists. All NCH practising members are fully insured and trained to the highest standards, so you can choose a hypnotherapist with confidence. The SCCP is a founder member of The NCH actively promoting the HPD. To date all HPD presented portfolios have gained accreditation with distinction. 
Approved training, accredited by The International Hypnotherapy Association, IHA. The Hypnotherapy Association is a non-profit making organisation and is a leading independent international professional body, representing approved hypnotherapists in active practice. 
The NSPsy is an international register for counsellors, hypnotherapists & psychotherapists. 
The NSPsy accredit the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy courses & validate all SCCP training. 
Please go to our Accreditation page to read more 
Want to discuss the course? 
Tel: 01932 341055 
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