Hypnotherapy Surrey


Duration: Two Day Workshop 
Course Fee: £235 
CBT is the NHS choice of talking therapy's because it is measurable, one might say CBT has a scientific empirical quality, however this is not the case once people, the client, is introduced to the process. the reason for this is that CBT is dependent on the client committing to homework & practice for change . 
Those that have any experience of working with clients will know, this will reduce success to less than forty percent; hence the introduction of hypnosis. 
By weaving words into hypnotic out comes & metaphors using the foundation of rationality your clients will change quickly in a way that fits with their own reality. 
The SCCP is the originator of this weaving of rational thinking into an interspersal suggestion based technique, reducing client resistance whilst facilitating permanent change within the client. 

The Syllabus Includes: 

Understanding the problem state 
What is the context of the issue 
The origin of the context related issue 
The structure of thinking related to the issue 
Questions that facilitate change 
Challenging irrationality 
Cost benefit analysis 
Solution states 
Connecting changes with consequences 
Connecting change into the future state of solution 
The Drop through 
Cost benefit analysis 
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