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Introduction To Hypnotherapy
Introduction To Hypnotherapy
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Introduction To Hypnotherapy
How Hypnotherapy Motivates Change 
November 09th & 10th 2024 
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Learning Not For School But For Life 
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This Weekend Focuses On How We Help People Change With Hypnotherapy. 
How we quickly understand our client and the unconscious structure the client's brain is using 
to block progress, is a good place to start learning about hypnotherapy. 
The detailed approaches that we will be discussing and practise together are: 
Learning to use hypnosis, with Three SCCP Simple Steps that will lead to change within your client. 
Building & maintaining self - esteem 
Parts Therapy, "there is always a part of me that .......... ........ ............... ...................." 
Gestalt Therapy 
Building And Maintaining Self - Esteem and Confidence. 
Milton Erickson Language Patterns for hypnotherapy change. 
How Polarised Dissociation blocks and facilitates change.  
Introduction To Hypnotherapy
Using a combination of NLP Patio Stones and Hypnotherapy Postural Sway to achieve rapid and lasting change 
Introduction To Hypnotherapy
The Three SCCP Simple Steps That Will Lead To Change in Your Clients 
1) WHY 
Understanding why your client wants to change, offers you and the client the reasons for change and of course the clients motivation for change. The clients questions are the answers. 
2) Plan 
When the therapist and the client understand the route to change, the basis for the therapeutic alliance is established. 
3) Recognise Success 
Understanding where we have been successful in the progress to our destination, is fundamental to change. 
Even a small success can be magnified. 
These are the parameters that the therapist works within to achieve client change.  
During this weekend we will be discussing how these parameters are understood, and the therapeutic interventions implemented to achieve lasting change. 
Parts Therapy 
Resolving conflict involves finding areas of agreement behind the disagreement. The same principle applies whether the argument is between two people or between ‘parts’ of us. 
Have you ever heard yourself say “part of me thinks this and part of me thinks that”? 
We negotiate with other people and we negotiate with ourselves. 
We experience parts of ourselves as wanting different and often incompatible things. 
Part of us may want to expand our practice but part of us wants to stay safe with the client base that we have, or we might not want to spend more time away from our family? 
We are one person, however there can be an incongruence within us, we don’t really have separate parts, but we place our energy into different expressions of ourselves, which might offer different outcomes and when these expressions and outcomes are incompatible, we feel split into ‘parts’. ‘Parts’ can be a metaphor for how we feel. 
Introduction To Hypnotherapy
You Can Be Confident That You Will Be Professionally Trained 
Introduction To Hypnotherapy
Self Esteem  
Self esteem and self confidence are frequently seen as interchangeable, but in reality they describe two related but quite different human characteristics. They can run neatly alongside each other as in someone who has high self esteem can also have high confidence, though this is definitely not always the case. 
Definition, is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. a feeling or belief that someone or something is good or has the ability to succeed at something like hypnotherapy. the feeling of being certain that something will happen or that something is true. A sense of trust. I am confident this hypnotherapist can help me. 
Confidence And Self - Esteem With Hypnotherapy 
Both are required within the therapeutic process. 
The client requires confidence in the hypnotherapist and the hypnotherapist needs to address the clients self - esteem on a regular basis. 
Addressing the clients self - esteem is a usual part of the hypnotherapy session. 
We are all more open to change when we feel good about ourselves and hypnotherapy is the subject of change. 
This weekend we are addressing Confidence and Self - Esteem by discussing and practising: 
Solution Focused Therapy 
Positive Psychology  
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  
Ericksonian language patterns. 
Introduction To Hypnotherapy
Introduction To Hypnotherapy
Learning Hypnotherapy Should Be Fun 
When we are happy we can learn so much more, so we think learning should be fun. 
At the Surrey College Of Clinical Hypnotherapy And Psychotherapy we laugh a lot. 
If you would like to learn more about confidence and self - esteem or even Mindfulness, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT, Gestalt, Ericksonian Language Patterns, Hypnotherapy and have fun, you know where we are: 
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Being Happy - And Learning To Be Happy - Is Addictive! 


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Thank you the SCCP, I can honestly say the SCCP courses are fun, entertaining and informative, having studied with another college before finding the SCCP it was immediately apparent to me that these guys really knew their stuff, James has more than thirty five years experience to bring to the subject, which brought the lectures alive. Christine, SCCP graduate. 

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