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Hypnotherapy Inner Child  therapy
Healing The Inner Child Hypnotherapy 
Hypnotherapy Inner Child  therapy
Healing The Inner Child Hypnotherapy 

Inner Child Hypnotherapy 

26th & 27th  
Healing The Inner Child 
Using Hypnotherapy To Heal The Inner Child 
Healing Core Issues - Reclaim The Right To Love And To Be Loved  
Overcome Fears And Addictions - Develop Self-Worth And Confidence - Realise Your Potential 
Working With Addictions? 
Hypnotherapy Inner Child  therapy
Are Your Younger Years Still Affecting You Today? 
Hypnotherapy Inner Child  therapy
Developing the hypnotherapy skills that you have gained from this weekend, we will be working with inner child therapy. Hypnosis is a vehicle of change, knowing what to say when your client is hypnotised will change your client. 
Hypnotherapy Inner Child  therapy
When will my inner child come out to play? 
Carl Gustav Jung, is often referenced as the originator of the Divine Child archetype. 
Charles Whitfield dubbed this concept as the "Child Within"
The INNER CHILD HYPNOTHERAPY process would be appropriate to use as a therapeutic intervention with clients presenting with symptoms that may originate in childhood. 
These might be: 
The client believing there was a lack of love or emotional support during their growing up years, this might be real or perceived, the response would be the same. 
Perhaps a lack of confidence or a sense of Insecurity. 
Chronic low self-esteem in personal and or professional life. 
Abuse, again this might be real or perceived, emotional, physical, sexual or possibly just neglect. 
Emotional and relationship issues.  
Eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia and anorexia bulimia. 
Deep seated control issues. 
Over weight, long term weight issues. 
OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders often have their roots in child hood issues; having to be in before a certain time before something happens, not treading on the cracks unless? 
IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome at times can start in childhood, tummy pains before going to school etc. 
Stammering once again, usually there is a long history of anxiety which might be the pathology or related to stuttering.  
Addictions, the Tormented Inner Child will often develop an addictive nature to anaesthetise his or her feelings.  


The Twelve-step recovery program considers healing the inner child to be one of the essential stages in recovery from addiction, abuse, trauma, or post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. In the 1970s, the inner child concept emerged alongside the clinical concept of codependency (first called Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome.). These topics remain very active today. 
Healing the inner child offers a path to freedom, inner calm and self empowerment. 
Improving the professionalism of your tool box. If your client’s childhood was lacking in love and security, then addressing your client’s symptoms and issues by addressing self - esteem and confidence only could make your client feel worse. After a difficult childhood there is often very little in the way of self worth to relate to and so direct suggestion can only remind the client that they do not have these qualities. 
Hypnotherapy Inner Child Therapy is a gentle healing and non-invasive way to prepare the client who has, or may have, been abused. Allowing the client to re-parent their own inner child, in away that can only be appropriate for the client. No other will be able to talk to the clients inner child in the way that the client can. 
The client may well gain from their inner child more insight into what actually happened; rather than the client relying on perceptions and memory which can be inherently poor in difficult situations. The client's inner child will talk to the client allowing the healing to take place. 
The hypnotherapy inner child process is a safe, gentle and sensitive method of enabling your clients to connect regularly with their inner child and fulfill the child’s emotional needs that went unmet at earlier times of development.  
It's success is partly due to the thorough preparation of the client, with a specialised analysis session prior to the inner child hypnotherapy session. 
As you experience this approach, you may begin to realise how appropriate and beneficial this approach will be for many of your clients!  
In this Inner Child Therapy Masterclass James will teach you how to: 
Identify clients for whom this process would be suitable - this can easily be ascertained during the initial consultation. 
How to thoroughly prepare your client to be specifically self-aware, this might be seen as developing a better relationship with self. 
How to guide your client to the safe place of healing for their inner child to appear. 
How to guide the client, to allow the inner child to appear at an appropriate time in the clients earlier development. 
How to address a time when the client may have had questions to the wrong answers. 
How to address a time when the client required emotion support and attention. 
How to address the inner child that requires time to play, to be loved and held. 
Each therapy appointment is structured to gain the best possible outcome for the client. 
The client is taught how to continue the therapy at home. 
To teach the client to maintain an inner child diary. 
How to monitor progress through the inner child diary. 
It is not always the case that the inner child when first met is very young, as the inner child is encouraged to appear at a time of need for him or her. 
As the client is taught to continue the process at home, the inner child develops, becoming older and happier, this is often contrary to the client's experience of development.  
This natural therapeutic development evolves with the clients practise; with the client often being greeted by an older inner child with each passing practise session.  
We believe that the training sessions and the therapy needs to be light hearted and where possible fun, this provides a relaxed learning environment. 
This approach has offered a winning formula since 1980, when James started to utilise inner child hypnotherapy to facilitate change and improve the quality of client's lives. 
Hypnotherapy inner child will offer consistently gentle and yet powerful hypnotherapy sessions for your clients.  
Many clients are genuinely surprised at how real their inner child is and pleasantly surprised at the dramatic improvement in their self - esteem and life confidence. 
For more information please: 
Phone James on 01932 341055 
Course Fees £235 
Please send Free 2021 Course Brochure 
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