Hypnotherapy Surrey

Person-Centred Counselling 

Date: February 27th & 28th 2021 
Duration: Two Day Workshop 
Course Fee: £235 
For more about Client Centred / Person Centred Counselling Please go to 
This two-day workshop has been designed to introduce the therapist to working within the phenomenological field of the client, to be involved in and led by the client's experience.  
Another way to look at this approach might be to say that the therapist is no longer restricted by his or her training or understanding of technique, but taught to trust that the client brings his own skills and resources which might be drawn on and utilised by focusing on the client and not a therapeutic approach; understanding how to encourage the client to apply those unique attributes to their own lives whilst developing at his own pace.  
This approach is superb at allowing us to understand how to be with a client quietly and with confidence. Famous for his core conditions, empathy, congruence and unconditional regard, Rogers went on to develop these into six conditions for therapeutic change; in fact Rogers posited the theory of change and the working alliance through the core conditions; which is just what previous students felt they had little understanding of, how to develop a working relationship and how to develop that working alliance into one of therapeutic change. Rogers believed that Empathy, the ability to quickly establish an empathic understanding with your client; Congruence, the ability to be transparently open and genuine with your client without hiding behind a professional persona and Unconditional Regard, caring for your client regardless of their concerns, that the client is unique and in the presence of the therapist, experiences being cared for through acceptance, of his self, habits and behaviour, feeling unjudged; these are preconditions for a Working Alliance and Therapeutic Change.  
We believe this workshop will offer you the experience of these theories and support you in developing your practice through these tried and proven ways of being. Whilst the handout is comprehensive for this day, this approach has meaning when experienced and so the approach is largely experiential. If you are looking to develop your ability to work with people and helping them to change, regardless of your discipline, orientation or career; this weekend would be of great benefit to you. To book your place on any of these courses please use our on-line form. 

The Syllabus Includes: 

The Third Way - Person Centred Therapy 
Understanding the person centered philosophy 
The therapeutic relationship 
Developing a relationship of change 
Six conditions of change 
Developing and maintaining the therapeutic alliance 
Remaining with the client 
The experience of reflection 
Helping the client to experience learning frustration 
Facilitating change 
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