The Addictive Mind  

Date : September 08th & 09th 2018 
Duration: Two Day Workshop 
Course Fee : £200 
Held by James, with thirty five years clinical experience brought to the training.  
It is said that there are more than 4.5 billion smokers worldwide; certainly the volume of people contacting you this year for help with smoking cessation will be a substantial part of your workload, and yet this area can be the most complex to work with. We all have a series of habits peculiar to us as individuals, which of course we include in everything that we do, especially with a stress-related behaviour, these need to be addressed; often in more than one session. This will probably be your largest area of referrals from the medical profession, which recognises hypnosis as a successful approach to clients suffering with addictions & smoking cessation. 
This two-day class aims to give you the tools to substantially improve your skills and ability to help your client take control. 
These two days will cover working with any type of addiction, smoking, food, chemical use, alcohol & the behavioural addictions such as work, sex & behavioural responses. 

The Syllabus Includes: 

The initial consultation, how to translate the client's explanation into a therapeutic elimination of the habit 
Working with the addictive part of the personality 
Food, Alcohol, Nicotine - therapeutic use or addiction?  
What other habits are being built into the habits of addiction?  
What need is the addiction satiating?  
How do you best help your client? 
This individualised approach to addiction, smoking cessation, emotional eating, alcohol dependency, is incredibly successful. The therapeutic intervention is comprehensively covered and scripts supplied. 
The approach used is client specific, and so addresses the individuals needs and so not reliant on a singular script to be used with all clients, where one size will not fit all.  
This weekend would be suitable for the therapist who is looking to work innovatively with the individual client, who is prepared to work toward success. 

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