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Assertiveness Training 
Where We Discuss And Practice The Following 
To be achieved through role play, at intervals throughout the discussed theory. 
1) Understand your clients Behavioural Style? 
Passive Aggressive 
2) How, when and where did your client learn to be this way? 
Your Clients Learning will usually be reinforced by success with one person. 
Your client has continued this behaviour in most situation and people. 
Globalising learning. 
3) How and why was your client’s original learning of behavioural style successful? 
4) Does your client believe their Behavioural style to be successful today? 
5) What is the impact of your client’s Behavioural style on their environment, 
contacts, family, colleges, friends, children. 
6) If required, how will you help your client to change their behavioural style? 
7) What would be the implications of change for your client and your client’s 
8) Practise with your client their new chosen behavioural style, until your client is comfortable with their new chosen approach. 
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What Students Have Said About Our  Hypnotherapy  Counselling  Psychotherapy  Training Courses - And The SCCP 

I felt comfortable and relaxed with Esther throughout the interview. I left knowing that the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy was the right choice for me to develop my new career. Wayne SCCP graduate 
Thank you the SCCP, I can honestly say the SCCP courses are fun, entertaining and informative, having studied with another college before finding the SCCP it was immediately apparent to me that these guys really knew their stuff, James has more than thirty five years experience to bring to the subject, which brought the lectures alive. Christine, SCCP graduate. 

Just Let Yourself Grow  With An SCCP  Advanced Hypnotherapy And Psychotherapy Diploma Course 

To read what other students have said about their training and the support they have received to build their practice: 
Blossom with the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. Would you like to finish work and feel that you have made a real difference to someone else's life? You can as a therapist and we will help you to gain a placement and build your own practice. 
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