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Reasons for taking the BEST course 
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Please enter relevant experience or qualifications if any 
By attending the BEST meetings you are agreeing to the BEST terms & conditions as below please Click Here to Read 




As a BEST member, we are offering to build three pages for you on the NSPsy website, conditions apply. 
Please note: 
Your original page submission is free, if you require changes to your page once published there is a minimum hourly charge of £40 without exception. 
The information that you submit is your responsibility, the NSPsy & the SCCP does not accept responsibility for the accuracy and validity of the information that you supply. 
If your page submission does not match the template below, your submission will be returned to you without publication. 
We can only offer this service if people comply with these basic requests. 
Even though this is a fantastic free opportunity to take advantage of, some will still want something different, expect special service and then become upset when they do not get their own way. 
Before that happens, please accept we want you to be successful, work with us and we will work with you to achieve that aim. 
By submitting your page information as below, you are agreeing to these reasonable requests. 
No doubt we will need to amend these T&C's in the future. 
Information Required For Your FIRST NSPsy Page 
This Will Boost Your Internet Presence. 
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Your Name 
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Email Address: 
Website Address: 
About me: 
Here you can write about your story: 
Your journey 
Why you wanted to become a therapist, this will be something that other can relate to, your tribe? 
This will help others connect with you. 
Training qualifications and experience: 
Include everything that you have gained in the way of a qualification. 
Please don't include your twenty-five-yard swimming certificate and your Tesco club card points. 
Areas of hypnotherapy I work with: 
(Remove as required) 
Addictions * 
Alcohol abuse * 
Anger management 
Anxiety * 
Bruxism (teeth grinding) 
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome * 
Depression * 
Drug addiction * 
Eating problems * 
Exam stress and anxiety 
Fear of flying 
Food addiction * 
Gastric band hypnosis 
Insomnia * 
Irritable bowel syndrome 
Low self-confidence * 
Low self-esteem 
Male sexual problems * 
Obsessions and compulsions * 
Pain management * 
Panic attacks * 
Phobias * 
Public speaking 
Quit smoking 
Relationship issues 
Sex addiction * 
Sleep problems * 
Sports performance 
Stress * 
Tinnitus * 
Weight loss 
* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies or treatments 
Other areas of hypnotherapy I work with: 
This section could relate to anything that you might want to specialise in and why? 
Therapies offered: 
(Remove as required) 
Suggestion hypnotherapy 
Cognitive hypnotherapy 
Timeline Therapy™ 
Past life regression 
Solution focused hypnotherapy 
Rapid Transformational Therapy® 
This might seem obvious however, please consider, your clients will judge you by how you judge yourself, how you judge yourself will be reflected in your fees. This is known as perceived value. 
Further information about you: 
If you do have a video introduction, we will add this in, this is not mandatory. 
However, if you do have a video introduction, please paste the link in here: 
Please Note - 
To have your NSPsy published you will need to: 
Write a testimonial for the SCCP testimonial page here: 
Complete a Google review for the SCCP 
We look forward to creating your internet awareness. 
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