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Hypnotherapy The Transformation Process Your Fourth Appointment 

You now have a tool that you can use for the management of your mind and your body. 
All tools have their applications and limitations, which is why you need to apply your traffic light system, you will find the combination highly successful in regulating your senses. 
Please continue practising your thirty minute model of relaxation. 
By doing this, you will reduce stress hormone flow, especially long term adrenaline flow, which can be detrimental for your emotional welbeing and hijack your plans and determination. 
You are now able to use the SCS / thought stopping process in real life situation, again to better manage emotions whilst remaining calm and relaxed as a behavioural response. 
You are developing a system of self-management which will aid you in developing better management over your automatic responses. 
Please remember the “I am” statement, and how to re-install a positive, constructive but believable “I am . . . . . . . . . “ when and if you need to. 
Whatever follows I am, you will follow, please continue remaining calm by utilising the Transformation Process. 
“I am” is a message from your unconscious mind, telling you how you are really feeling about you. 
“I am” is telling you how your inner mind is seeing you. 
Your body responds to your inner mind. 
Your safe colour is ................................................ 
Your beware colour is ......................................... 
Your uncomfortable colour is .......................... 
From now on, when you feel yourself moving from YOUR SAFE COLOUR and toward your BEWARE COLOUR , bring in your SCS, where ever you are. 
Any problems please email me. 
Further Reading 
By now you will understand that you become relaxed when you have practised your behavioural model, so it has all been up to you. 
This is proof that you have been responsible for your own progress, you are now taking responsibility for yourself and your own mental health, this is your success. 
Your recovery is not luck; you have acted and made something work for you. 
You have recently completed your fourth session of the Hypnotherapy Transformation Process. 
We are assuming at this point, that you have successfully been practising your Hypnotherapy Transformation Process, achieving a good consistent sense of relaxation in your body. 
By your third appointment you achieved a conditioned response, as discussed. 
When you are away from home, you can now use your SCS when you need to relax or take control. 
You also have a thought stopping procedure which can be used to stop errant thoughts. 
Please remember that to be happy we need to remain in the present, when we recall events that we are resentful of, we are considering something that has already happened, and so we are unable to change those events, in other words we are upsetting ourselves over something that we can do nothing about, this is understandable at times but not constructive. 
When we think about what might happen (the future), we are worrying about something that might happen or might not happen; and so we are upsetting ourselves over something that has not yet happened, or might never happen, again not constructive. 
Whilst we can all understand why we have such thoughts, they are not helping you to remain calm, happy, or become successful, and so these thoughts are known as irrational thoughts. 
To enjoy life, we need to remain in the present. 
If at any time, you find yourself drifting away from the present, bring in your SCS and then move your mind on; you have some chance of affecting the present in a way that helps you to be happy, and successful! 
Install thinking that is present and pleasant. Please remember whatever you allow in your mind, will become your reality! 
A sentence worth considering when we are giving ourselves a hard time is “what other feel good thought can I employ that is accurate, but will help me to feel better.” 
In NLP terms this is called reframing, in CBT terms we consider the new thought as a rational thought. 
Whatever the discipline, if you can consider an issue one way and it upsets you, find a way of acknowledging the issue that helps you to feel better. 
“What feel better thought can I employ” 
Often, we hang onto thoughts, “that we might consider to be right”? 
It is not always helpful to consider life as right or wrong, inevitably it is just life or rather a perception of what has happened, if this is the case, why not chose to be happy and not right! 
Life will feel a lot better, but it will always be your choice! 
Or as Billy Connelly once said when remarking on the weather, “there is no such thing as bad weather, weather is weather, there is appropriate and inappropriate clothing.” Please open the window look outside and dress accordingly! 
This is good rational advice, and as simple as it sounds, whilst helping us to think constructively. 
In life things happen, you cannot stop things happening, but you do have control over how you respond or how you allow these happenings to affect you and your life. 
“You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf”! 
If only I had worked with King Canute, what he could have achieved 😊 
This does not mean that you will not have uncomfortable thoughts; it does mean that once you become accustomed to using the SCS you can also use, just the SCS to manage any intrusive thoughts, and manage your mind to help you to remain happy. 
So, the SCS can be used as a thought stopping procedure and a stress coping strategy. 
Some clients have complained that as an intrusive thought stopping procedure it does not work? 
Allow me to explain or attempt to adjust your expectations. 
If you have an irrational thought that concerns you, using the SCS as described will move your mind away from the thought and on to something else but not for the rest of the day. 
Each time you have a thought that is irrational use the SCS and then install a “a feel better thought” you will then rationally manage your thoughts, and so feelings. 
To clarify, if you have ten irrational thoughts you will need to use the SCS ten times, please then repeat a positive affirmation each time after using the SCS. 
During your third session, we started to look at how your breathing affects the way that your mind works and the release of stress hormones, by diaphragm breathing and or loop breathing, the breathing can be reversed and you noticed just how relaxed you became. 
Please continue to practise the Transformation Process, it will help to maintain your sense of inner calm and a balanced sense of perspective. 
Please do not allow your thoughts and fears to control you, insecurities and fears are the enemy that will undermine you, worrying will only exhaust your valuable energy supplies without achieving change. 
This is a management exercise, yes of course you require a clear strategy for the future, plan your path to success, consider and utilise your resources, now spend your energy actioning your plan to success; this is the place to utilise your energy. 
The universe has given you the motivation, which you might have seen as stress; now utilise the word motiv-ation, which = motive/action, motiveaction = success, and the learning of different ways to be happy! 
Remember if you have any concerns please email me as soon as possible, now that you are doing something about these issues, you will gain more control over the way that your body responds, and develop more constructive routines or habits. 
Thank you for working with me. 
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