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Introduction to Hypnotherapy Weekend  
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If you have a passion for helping people,  
and you want to make a real difference to people’s lives, 
whilst looking forward to gaining a genuine sense of achievement, 
at the end of your working day. 
Becoming a qualified Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy hypnotherapist,  
is a great way to make that happen. 
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Why Do London  
Trainee Hypnotherapists  
Choose the SCCP 
Nationally And Internationally Accredited Hypnotherapy Training Courses 
The SCCP is accredited on the National Qualification Framework 
The SCCP is also the leading hypnotherapy clinic in the UK 
Hypnotherapy Practice Building is a part of our joint success. 
Live remote synchronised training from the University of Surrey local. 
The Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma course offers you seven qualifications, please see website for details. 
Hypnotherapist Governing Body
Internationally Recognised Hypnotherapy Training In London
Externally Awarded Hypnotherapy Training In London
Fully Supported Hypnotherapy Training In London
CNHC Recognised Hypnotherapist Training In London
Carly Jones 
Hypnotherapy for London
The SCCP came highly recommended to me by an established hypnotherapist in practice past graduate. Once I had spoken to James at the Surrey College of Clinical hypnotherapy, I felt at complete ease booking on to the ADCH course. The course materials are extensive and comprehensive with much to reference in the large structured manuals. Lectures are well balanced with bountiful amounts of practise with peers, aiding confidence and experience with different people and personalities. 
Sue Moore 
Hypnotherapist For London
I recently completed my Hypnotherapy Diploma course with the Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. As an established Person Centred Counsellor in Surrey, I was looking for a course to enhance and update my current skill set by adding Hypnotherapy, and this Course was the only one I could find that also included the Brief Strategic Interventions of NLP, EMDR, EFT, Solution Focused and Positive Psychology. 
Georgina Mathew 
Hypnotherapy in London
I have recently qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist from the SCCP with James Golding as my tutor. 
I found the course to be highly informative and extremely supportive in nature. I started and completed the course online due to coronavirus restrictions, which at first I was hesitant about. However I was pleased to find the remote learning and practice with my peers offered benefits which I hadn’t considered. 
Top Twelve And A Half Reasons Why People Like You Choose The SCCP For Their Hypnotherapy Training In London 
1. One Hypnotherapy Training Course, 7 Qualifications 
2. We Train Hypnotherapists To Be ” CONFIDENT TO PRACTICE” 
3. SCCP Lectures Are Supported By Forty Years Clinical Hypnotherapy Experience. 
4. The SCCP Are Recognised As The Most Contemporary Eclectic Hypnotherapy Training Course In The UK, London 
5. Nationally And Internationally Accredited Hypnotherapy Training & Qualifications. 
6. The SCCP HPD, Is Accredited On The National Qualification Framework 
7. The SCCP Is The Leading Hypnotherapy Clinic. 
8. Pay As You Learn Hypnotherapy In Hampshire Monthly Payments. 
9. Our Usual Hypnotherapy Training Venue Is The University of Surrey 
10. The SCCP Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma Makes Training Enjoyable, And Easy To Follow. 
11. We Learn Not For School But For Life 
12. You Can Join The BEST Evolving Success Team To Build Your Hypnotherapy Practice In London. 
12.5. Free Refresher Weekends With The BEST Hypnotherapy training Group. 
Hypnotherapy Training Course in London Hypnotherapy Training In London
Hypnotherapy Courses in London
London Hypnotherapy Courses
Surrey Hypnotherapy Training in London
London Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Our hypnotherapy training course is open to anyone in London, not just West London, Fulham, Hammersmith, Barnes, Richmond & Twickenham 
Frequently Asked Questions 
A – Yes. Our monthly hypnotherapy modules are held at weekends, one weekend a month for ten months, you can check the dates here. 
Be ready for a long answer: 
A – There is no hypnotherapy homework and there are no hypnotherapy exams. 
We understand that some organisations have intellectualized hypnotherapy therapy training, if your future clients could intellectualize their way out of their issues, without hypnotherapy, they would have done. 
The vast majority of issues that you will be working with are due to feelings, ‘I feel down’, ‘I feel anxious’, ‘I feel hungry’, ‘when she does or says this, I feel upset’, generally we are working with feelings and not intellect. 
If a client could tell themselves to stop smoking, drinking or pull themselves together, they would not be making an appointment to see you for hypnotherapy. 
For those that can study and pass an exam, the truth is, that certificate will not make a good therapist. Being able to understand your client, and implement the correct hypno-therapeutic interventions will help your client and you to build a hypnotherapy practice. 
Your client did not sit down and rationally develop their symptoms; intellectualizing is missing the point entirely. You will need to practise the hypno-therapeutic interventions discussed at your college weekends. 
We do expect you to practise hypnotherapy between your training weekends.  
Students can organise a hypnotherapy practise group, work with clients in hypnosis or encourage friends and family to help hone their hypnotherapy skills. It is the practical application of hypnotherapy that is important. If you are enthralled by the clinical hypnotherapy interventions that we use every day to help people in the modern hypnotherapy practice, this could be the hypnotherapy course for you. 
We are interested in making sure that you understand what to do with each hypnotherapy client, and how to confidently execute hypnotherapy procedures. 
A - Students often mention that they have a passion for helping people, that their friends and family often discuss their issues with them, or ask for their advice, some ask themselves what their friends really need to do to be happy. We often hear students mention that they want to make a difference to peoples lives, and that they are looking for job satisfaction, a sense of achievement at the end of a working day. 
There might be many reasons, why you want to become a hypnotherapist in London? 
Why not let us know why you want to become a hypnotherapist? 
A – SCCP hypnotherapy courses are Saturday and Sunday, 120 face to face hypnotherapy training hours have to be attended for the course accreditation and for your qualifications. 
A – The current total cost for the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma training course is £2200, there are no hidden extras. We accept a deposit of £235 which can be used for an introductory weekend. Here is a simple breakdown of our Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma training course fees: 
Fees are required three weeks prior to your hypnotherapy training course weekend. 
Introduction hypnotherapy Weekend £235 
Balance for your Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma training is £1965 
Making a total for the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma course of £2,200 
Course fees are not refundable or transferable. 
For further details please read our terms & conditions. 
Fess can be paid monthly at £235 per month, with a total cost of £2350 for the complete Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma training course. 
A – Yes, you will have a recognised qualification when you have completed the hypnotherapy training course, if you would like to go to our accreditation page here, you will see that our hypnotherapy training is recognised and accredited by the most influential governing bodies in the UK today. 
A – 1) You can start your hypnotherapy training when you are ready to start, each hypnotherapy weekend is a separate hypnotherapy module; that means that we start and finish a separate hypnotherapy subject each weekend. 
You will find people on the course who have studied previous hypnotherapy modules but know nothing of the weekend that you are about to address.  
This allows you to start the hypnotherapy training course at a time convenient for you, it is only important that you attend the ten hypnotherapy training weekends. 
A - 2) You will be fully versed in the current hypnotherapy subject after each weekend, we would encourage you to practise the hypnotherapy techniques taught and practised at the attended hypnotherapy weekend. 
A – Not necessarily, you will need to complete 120 hypnotherapy training hours before graduating. You can continue attending hypnotherapy training weekends until the 120 hours have been completed. The hypnotherapy training weekends missed, can be attended when they come round again. 
A – We are passionate about your hypnotherapy practice success. When you are ready you are encouraged to join our ‘Best Entrepreneur Success Team’, BEST, with monthly meetings that support the development and promotion of your hypnotherapy practice through hypnotherapy supervision, hypnotherapy marketing, hypnotherapy website management, and hypnotherapy SEO. We judge ourselves by your hypnotherapy success. 
A – NHS funding in real terms is scant, you are unlikely to be employed as a hypnotherapist by the NHS. It is possible for you to develop a private hypnotherapy practice within an NHS environment, hospital or medical centre, we will support you in doing so, if this is where you want to work. 
A – There is no difference between you, me, and a “real client.” 
We are all prospective hypnotherapy clients; further to this, if we invite a client into a hypnotherapy training room with twenty delegates, listening and watching, the “real client” would respond differently to being in a hypnotherapy practice setting. We all have issues to work with, we can work with these if we choose to, within the hypnotherapy course syllabus. We are real hypnotherapy clients. 
A - You certainly will, whilst in hypnotherapy training and as a hypnotherapy postgraduate, support is available through our ‘Best Entrepreneur Success Team,’ BEST. 
A – Yes, this can be achieved through our SCCP hypnotherapy workshops, the Psychotherapy Diploma, and clinical hypnotherapy supervision. This might be termed as Continuing Professional Development, CPD 
A - Our hypnotherapy training course has seen people from all over London, such as Kingston, West London, Richmond and Hammersmith. 
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